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You'll Learn:


Championed by Ramana Maharshi of India. Carl Jung, Muktananda, and Yogananda all honored Ramana.

And Learn the simple JAIN, Hindic; 7-Level Logic too! That brings peace of mind! Combines von Neuann's maybe logic and Buddhist detachment. (Dr. R. Scarfalloto, author) Relieves pain and Stress!

May train You to:

~ Gain more Clarity-Peace-Happiness

~ Relieve Stress, and Balance your 'Fight or Flight' Nervous System

~ Achieve Emotional Equanimity for Success.

~ Enjoy Your True Self more.

~ Open to Better Possibilities

~ Become more Self-Radiant and Self-Reliant

~ "Not that there's anything wrong with that." - Jerry Seinfield show

~ "Know Your Self. There's Nothing Else to Seek." -Ramana Quote