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Love, Light, Logic for all Dis-eases.
Mary Morrin, LMT, RYT, CST, U-KRM(r) [massage/yoga/craniosacral/Usui-Karuna(r) REIKI] (ray key)

27+ years experience & resources! Intuitive.


  • Mind/body stillness
  • Lessen pain/stress causing your dis-eases; pains etc.
  • Become more intuitive
  • Be happier! Calmer, balanced, more energized, or sedated.
  • Get yes/no answers to your own questions.
  • Active-Reflective Listening to lessen family stress.
  • Mega Affirmations.
  • Feng Shui: Fun Literal & Symbolic. Optimize your home's energy flow by placement of furniture/remedies!
  • Mandala Color Fun (age 7-adult). No art ability required.
  • Learn chat and light therapies!
  • Learn to remedy your beliefs causing dis-ease.
  • Receive Reiki (ray-key) for yourself or others! Helps EMFs!
  • 7-Point Logic System that will yield peace of mind!
  • And/or... give/receive therapy to release any mental and emotional issues that keep illness in place. Proven.

ADVANCED CRANIOSACRAL/SPINAL (Infants-Adult) Fully clothed; very gentle, feels like the weight of a nickel on your skin. Gentle touch [distance only works] master drain release; Dr. John Upledger (DO) Institute. Osteopathic tradition. (Seen on Oprah/CNN/Good Morning America/Time/USA Today) May help:

  • Migraines-Headaches, Stroke, Moods, Chronic Neck-Back Pain, Scoliosis, Brain-Spinal Cord Injuries (worked well with Vietnam Vets, Cancer, Alcholic Addiction too)
  • Central Nervous System, Heart
  • Chronic Fatigue, ADD-ADHD; Motor Skills, Pain, Allergies, Trauma
  • Emotional Stress-Tension-Depression, Immune, Infection, Lungs/Sinus, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Orthopedic Problems, Fibromyalgia, Immune & Body Systems
  • Swelling, Pre-Post Surgery, Dental, TMJ, Eyes, Hearing


Receive Therapy /or/ Certify Attune to be in this egoless Sacred Space for Self and All; where we are the vessels not the doers. LEARN the history of Reiki from an experienced Reiki Master Teacher since 1990. [27 years]


  • Dr. Usui REIKI I "Hands on, Reiki on!"(eg your car, your home, your food, self/others)
  • Dr. Usui REIKI II for "distance Reiki" learn symbols that may heal self/others across miles.
  • Dr. Usui REIKI III REIKI MASTER TEACHER (empower yourself or train others)
  • KARUNA(r) certifications classes 1-4 (the symbols encase cells and move thru body!)

Healing Circle may be available at the end of 2018, as prelude to Usui I-III attunement.

  • Hospital/Hospice used, 100+ scientific studies (e.g. Journal of American Cardiology etc.)
  • REIKI may curb up to 90% of 'pain/stress cycle-related' dis-eases. Balch, MD; Rossman MD
  • Reiki relaxes all dis-eases; no contra-indications.





"I'm so excited, things are moving again." (Karuna® [compassion] Reiki relaxation empowerment session.

· "Karuna® Reiki (ray key) relaxes me so much (via distance) "I'm so calm and energized. I slept better, and my chronic leg pain is better too."

· "My sinuses are draining." (craniosacral) "My back, neck and shoulder pain are gone." "I'm doing the corrective stretches; they help."

· "It's like spiritual anesthesia comes over me. The images you share motivate, relax and keep me calmer and more pain-free." (long distance Karuna® Reiki for chronic neuro-pain client)

· "My migraines/head don't bother me much anymore. I have a tool kit now." (multi-therapies, Karuna® Reiki)

· "I'm so excited, things are moving again." (Karuna® Reiki empowerment session)

· "I'm pain free just through imagery."

· "I've got proof this works now. And the balancing lasted two weeks. I'm getting happier." (Biofeedback, Karuna®)